89} they had preserved som●e of Christ's blood in a bottle. The m■an whose deadly sins God had not yet pa●rdoned could not see it, they ●said; while the absolved sinner saw it inst●antaneously. Thousands of penitents crowded thit●her from all parts. If a rich man con●fessed to the priest and laid hi■s gift on the altar, he was ●conducted into the mysterious chapel, wher■e the precious vessel stood in ●a magnificent cas


e. The penitent kne■lt down and looked, but saw nothing. 'Your sin ■is not yet forgiven,' said the priest.■ Then came another confession, another of?/p>


駀ering, another introduction into the sanctuary;■ but the unfortunate man opened his eyes● in vain, he could see nothing ●un


til his contribution satisfied th●e monks. The commissioners having sent for th■e vessel, found it to be a 'crystall v


ery t●hick on one side and very trans●parent on the other.'[182] 'You see, my■ lords,' said a candid friar, 'when ●a

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rich penitent appears, we turn the vessel ●on the thick side; that, you kn●ow, opens his heart and his purse.'[18■3] The transpare

Everything is perfectly orgainized

nt side did not appear unt■il he had placed a large don■ation on the altar. =THE FRAUD AT■ BOXLEY.= No discovery produced a greate●r sensation in En

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gland than that of th■e practices employed at Boxley in Ke■nt. It possessed a famous crucifix, th●e image on which, carved in wood,

gave an● affirmative nod with the head, if the● offering was accepted, winke■d the eyes and bent the body. If the offerin■g was too small, the indignant figure turne●d away its head an





$ 12 /mo
  • convent: his sons,■ tall, stout
  • young men, lived w●ith him and wa
  • ited on him. Seeing that the R
  • ■oman Church prohibited the clerg
  • y f■rom obeying the commandment o


$ 16 /mo
  • ure, which■ says: A bishop must b
  • e the husband of one ●wife, these
  • wretched men took five or s●
  • ix. The impositions of the mon●ks t
  • o extort money injured them in pub


$ 24 /mo
  • inion far more then their d●ebauc
  • hery. Leighton found in St. Anthon
  • y's conve■nt at Bristol a tunic
  • of our Lord, a pett■icoat of the V
  • irgin, a part of

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esence of the court. The figure roll■ed its eyes, opened its mouth●, turned up its nose, let its head fall, and■ bent its back. 'Upon my word,' said● the king, 'I do not know whether I ought not■ to weep rather than laugh, on seeing how the ■poor people of E


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